Local business online
Receive orders from buyers directly
How will purchasers find you?
Augmented reality
What’s your advantage?
EmployeesFind and hire employees. Your employees customize their work schedule themselves and can take new orders for execution.
Points of saleCreate an unlimited number of sale points in your store. Customize them independently of each other.
Delivery and payment methodsEstablish a flexible method for delivery of goods and obtaining services services. Choose a convenient payment method, including cryptocurrency.
Products and servicesAdd products and services, then publish them at sale points.
OdrersReceive notifications about new orders and make your customers happy.
Accept any forms of payment
Google Pay
Apple Pay
Credit or Debit CardsCredit Cards
How does it work?
1. Create your own Store
2. Customize your store for yourself
3. Add products or services
4. Earn money by completing orders!
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